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There should be a proper planning system to achieve-the target of the Projects.

  • First of all after getting the approved proposal Head/Director of Organization call meeting of the staff/members of network/members ofadvisory committee and discuss about the goals, targets, time line, target area, target community, activities etc.
  • A meeting will be arranging in each area about the project activities with the target communities.
  • The organization will make the arrangement for recruitment of the staffsas per need of the project.
  • To procure all necessary material/equipment for the project.
  • Proper set up of the office with required furniture.
  • To organize/arrange 2 days orientation training about the project activities.
  • One day in every week is reserve for capacity building/documentation training of the staff with the help of expert person.
  • All activities of the project will be divided quarter wise for each staff with target and indicators.
  • Quarter wise activities divided in monthly basis.
  • It is further divided in weekly basis.

Organization has planned to review the work weekly basis of each staff and give corrective Majors for achieving the targets.