Others Programmes

Regular monitoring of the projects has to be done by immediate senior as well as appointed monitoring officer and concerned person in regional/head office. In addition to this, every individual have to be monitored every month to assist his capability and sincerity towards his work. So every professional is given target every month and his progress is also reviewed and given grading every month in his personal monthly progress report and Target file. The system of monthly progress report in mentioned as under: ‑

  • The Director of the organization will be the overall monitor of the project.
  • A full time experienced manager/supervisor Will be posted to supervise and monitor the programs on day today basis.
  • The volunteers/peer educators and community level workers will have to follow weekly plan of action in regard to their responsibilities to stop further, they Will Meet in the office at the end of every day, and share their experiences with each other as well as with the manager! supervisor.
  • Where necessary, plan of action and the strategy will be modified to suit the speedy achievements of the objectives.
  • The Manager/Supervisor will consolidate and evaluate the weekly programs of the works of the volunteers/peer educators and community level workers, and facilitate them in the preparation of next weekly action plan by incorporating the corrective majors if necessary.
  • Initially director will also be present in these weekly meetings to make sure that everything at every level is in proper and correct track.
  • From time to time the manager/supervisor too will meet the families at random so as to get independent feedback directly from the individual families about the progress and impact of the programs.
  • The Manager/Supervisor will consolidate the weekly reports into a monthly report for the use of the Director/ Office of the Organization.